Grenada Citizenship-by-Investment – what happened to the Kawana Bay Resort and what it means for CBI Investors.

Category: Citizenship | News

Instituted in 2017, Grenada’s CBI program is one of the more expensive citizenship-by-investment programs in Read More

CARICOM & Citizenship-by-Investment in the Caribbean

Category: Citizenship | News

If the right to live and work on an idyllic island is not enough – Read More

Ultimate Guide to St Lucia CBI

Category: Citizenship | News

Currently ranked No 3 in the world. For CBI, Saint Lucia (or ‘St Lucia’) offers Read More

Ultimate Guide to St. Kitt’s CBI

Category: Citizenship | News

‘Saint Kitts and Nevis’ is a name with almost mythical status in the world of Read More

CBI ranking criteria and the Caribbean’s role as forerunners of CBI and continued dominance

Category: Citizenship | News

There’s no doubt that the proliferation and accessibility of Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programs worldwide Read More

Ultimate Guide to Dominica CBI

Category: Citizenship | News

Instituted in 1993, the Dominica Economic Citizenship Program is one of the oldest Citizenship-by-Investment (CBI) Read More

E.U. New Legislation on CBI and its Implications on Migration Investment Industry

Category: Citizenship | News

The European Parliament has voted overwhelmingly for an end to citizenship-by-investment (CBI) schemes and the Read More

Implications of Vanuatu Losing Schengen Access

Category: Citizenship | News

Vanuatu lost its visa-waiver for the EU in the first week of March 2022. This Read More

Why Americans are renouncing their U.S. citizenship

Category: Citizenship | News

In a world where U.S. citizenship has always been so highly sought-after by so many, Read More

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