Dual citizenship is the best gift you can give your children

Category: Citizenship | News

Up until recently, the primary benefits of 2nd passports was that they offered global visa-free Read More

Calling all Canadians: Residency and Citizenship-by-Investment Programs offer an Exit Strategy

Category: Citizenship | News | Residency

It started with the Freedom Convoy – with the government’s response and conflict in the Read More

You CAN Legally Purchase a Second Passport

Category: Citizenship | News

Yes, you can legally purchase a 2nd citizenship with a passport to go with it! Read More

CFC: Controlled foreign corporations

Category: Company Formation | News

The co-operative adoption and implementation of current CFC rules around the world is the consequence Read More

Are Precious Metals a Good Investment in 2022?

Category: Investments | News

Investing in precious metals has historically been a trusted portfolio diversification strategy and hedge against Read More

Residential Properties for sale in St Kitts & Nevis – one of the Best Citizenship Programs

Category: Citizenship | News

St Kitts & Nevis is the only one of the five Caribbean nations with Citizenship-by-Investment Read More

International Common Reporting Standard

Category: News | Tax Havens

How CRS will Affect You When you Open an Offshore Account Are Tax Havens (and Read More

Understanding Taxes and Tax Residency In St Lucia

Category: Guides | News | Tax Havens

St Lucia adheres to the 183 day rule where individuals can obtain tax residency in Read More

Understanding Taxes and Tax Residency In St Kitts & Nevis

Category: Guides | News | Tax Havens

Individuals looking to move their tax residency status to St Kitts & Nevis, can qualify Read More

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