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Why should you consider Barbados?

Barbados is a beautiful island located in the Caribbean. Like many other Caribbean islands, Barbados was under British rule, thus the official language is English. This jurisdiction derives its profits mainly from tourism, manufacturing, IT, sugar production and financial services.

The international business and financial services sectors operate within a highly regulated legislative framework ensuring compliance and stability within the system. The local workforce is well educated, providing high quality management, accounting and legal services for international companies.

Offshore Services

We offer company formation services for the Barbados Jurisdiction.

International Business Corporation

The Barbados International Business Company (IBC) is licensed to carry on business in manufacturing, trade or commerce from within Barbados for customers residing outside of the island.
An IBC may therefore manufacture, process and prepare products for export outside of Barbados, or provide services to non-residents of Barbados.

Furthermore, payments by IBCs to non-residents and other IBCs are not subject to withholding tax, capital gains taxes or estate duties. They are also exempt from stamp duty (except on real estate situated in Barbados) and also from taxes and duties on plant, machinery, raw materials, goods, and other articles imported for use in their business. Barbados is cryptocurrency, fx and fintech friendly.


  • Low taxation
  • Fintech friendly
  • No minimum capital
  • Allows double taxation
  • Asset protection

Limited Liability Company

The Barbados law, which creates and governs Limited Liability Companies, is called the “Societies with Restricted Liability Act” of 1995. It enabled the formation of two types of entities, known as ISRL (International “exempt society”) and SRL (Domestic “non-exempt society”). Domestic SRLs are subject to normal Barbados tax rates. International SRLs are designed to be used mainly for international transactions and have reduced tax rates. Barbados is cryptocurrency, fx and fintech friendly.


  • Limited Liability
  • Asset protection
  • Low taxation
  • Cryptocurrency recognition
  • Require only one member
  • No minimum capital required
  • No limitation on the number of members.

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