Georgia Offshore

Georgia Offshore Jurisdiction

Why should you consider Georgia?

According to the World Bank’s new Doing Business 2020 report, Georgia is ranked as the 7th easiest place in the world to do business. The report analyses the simplicity of setting up, operating, and paying taxes in 190 territories around the world.

Georgia is also very receptive to cryptocurrencies, thus making it easy to use bank accounts as a link between legal tender and digital assets.

Offshore Services

We offer offshore banking services for the Georgia Jurisdiction

Georgia Offshore Banking Services

Georgia has become an economically strong and easy place for offshore banking over the last years.
We will be glad to help you with everything related to opening a bank account while ensuring a fast and secure process.

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  • Very low bank fees
  • Asset protection
  • Very quick and easy process
  • Georgia has good relationships with Russia, China and the Middle East

We offer aid with the following services:

  • Personal bank account
  • Corporate bank account

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