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15 January 2021

What is offshoring? Pros and cons

Recently, the offshore world has increased in popularity and everyone can easily find references to companies and businessmen who have successfully reduced their taxes to zero. More and Read More

15 December 2020

Increase asset protection while mitigating risk

On the top of every business owner´s mind is the question how to protect their assets all the while mitigating any risks. That’s a good and loaded question, Read More

Tax Havens
30 November 2020

How to legally reduce your tax liability through offshore corporations

Citizens of countries who implement the territorial tax system can create an offshore strategy to significantly reduce their global tax liabilities and move their taxable income from a Read More

Tax Havens
16 November 2020

How to Live Tax Free as an American

One of the most common questions we receive from our customers is ¨how can I reduce my taxes?¨ We understand this perfectly well; no one likes to give Read More

Tax Havens
30 October 2020

Pay Zero Income Tax: The Legal Way

The report on Donald Trump’s tax return published a few weeks ago in the New York Times, triggered significant outrage in the American community. Although most successful companies Read More

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