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Seychelles Offshore Jurisdiction

Why should you consider Seychelles?

The Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean near East Africa and is famous for its beautiful, fairyland beaches. 90% of the Seychelles population is of Creole origin, usually from French colonial settlers and African slave laborers; that’s why the English and French languages are widely spoken. The economy of Seychelles is based on fishing, tourism, processing of coconuts and vanilla, coir rope, boat building, printing, furniture and beverages.

The country is a popular offshore financial center, often chosen by investors who want to develop their business through more efficient tax planning and protection of their assets.

Offshore Services

We offer company formation services for the Seychelles Jurisdiction.

International Business Corporation

The International Business Companies Act, 2016, regulates Seychelles International Business Companies. Nowadays, Seychelles IBC is the most versatile and flexible type of company foundation in the world and offers many advantages, such as maximum privacy and strict non-taxation policy. Moreover, Seychelles is cryptocurrency, fx and fintech friendly.


  • Asset protection
  • Full privacy
  • No taxation
  • Cryptocurrency recognition
  • No obligation to prepare or file annual accounts
  • No audit requirement
  • No data exchange agreements with third countries

Limited Liability Company

Seychelles Limited Liability companies can be registered in compliance with the Companies Act of 1972 and are known as ‘proprietary companies’, so the name must contain Pty. or Ltd. at the end. Seychelles LLC has the option to operate as a private company with no shares (if there are less than 20 members) or as a corporation with shareholders (maximum number of members: 50). Moreover, Seychelles is cryptocurrency, fx and fintech friendly.


  • No minimum capital
  • Cryptocurrency recognition
  • Asset protection
  • Privacy
  • No taxation
  • 100% Foreign ownership

Private Interest Foundation

SPIFs (Seychelles Private Interest Foundation) were introduced under the Foundations Act of 2009.

Seychelles P.I.F. is a civil law concept, previously used for public and charitable purposes. This concept has been extended over time to asset management. The Foundation acts as a trust and functions as a company, effectively combining the best features of both.

The Seychelles Foundation includes many of the best laws that can be found in other jurisdictions (such as Panama), but provides greater flexibility, stronger asset protection and clarity on important legal issues (such as assigning rights to the founder). This makes them ideal for private purposes such as family inheritance/asset planning, asset protection, charitable purposes or any combination of the above.


  • No taxation
  • Low fees
  • Easy and quick formation
  • Foundation can act as a Private, Private Interest or Charitable Foundation
  • Asset protection
  • Privacy
  • Low minimum capital (minimum initial asset shall be US$1.00)

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