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Singapore Offshore Jurisdiction

Why should you consider Singapore?

Singapore’s jurisdiction is known for many reasons: a stable economy, no tax on dividends and capital gains, economic freedom, to name a few. Additionally, it remains among the top three richest countries in the world.

Singapore has become the center of offshore bank accounts thanks to the lack of foreign exchange controls; payments, capital transfers and remittances can be done in any currency and to any country without prior approval.

Offshore Services

We offer banking services for the Singapore Jurisdiction.

Singapore Offshore Banking Services

We will be glad to help you with everything related to opening a bank account while ensuring a fast and secure process.

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  • Asset protection
  • Reduced political and economic risk
  • No foreign exchange controls
  • Less taxation
  • Reduced business expenses

We offer aid with the following services:

  • Personal bank account
  • Corporate bank account

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