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UAE Offshore Jurisdiction

Why should you consider the United Arab Emirates?

UAE is a tax-free country with no income or capital gains tax, and with various Free Zones.

Over the last couple of years UAE has become one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, which makes this jurisdiction extremely attractive for people who want to invest in the real estate market, both commercial and residential.

Offshore Services

We offer offshore services for the UAE Jurisdiction.

International Business Corporation

The UAE International Business Company (IBC) is regulated by the Jebel Ali Free Zone Offshore Companies Regulations of 2003. With this type of company all business activities must be conducted outside of the Emirates. However, an offshore company may open bank accounts and hold real estate and intellectual property. United Arab Emirates is cryptocurrency, fx and fintech friendly.


  • Double tax treaty agreement with more than 30 countries
  • Asset protection
  • Cryptocurrency recognition
  • High reputation as an international investors’ hub
  • 100% foreign ownership
  • Tax free environment

Limited Liability Company

Limited Liability Company is the most common form of business in UAE. It can be formed by a minimum of two and a maximum of 50 shareholders, whose liability is limited to their shares in the business capital.

At least 51% of the LLC must be registered with a UAE national (individual or company) and the remaining 49% of the LLC can be registered with a foreign national (individual or corporate). The company can operate anywhere in the UAE and abroad (without limitation). United Arab Emirates is cryptocurrency, fx and fintech friendly.


  • Access to UAE economy
  • Asset protection
  • No taxation
  • Cryptocurrency recognition
  • High reputation as an international investors’ hub
  • Easy opening of corporate bank account

Investment Options

Contact us to find more information about UAE investment requirements, fees and opportunities.

Real Estate

Compared to other real estate markets around the world (like London, Hong-Kong or Singapore), UAE is much cheaper. Moreover if your real estate investment is worth at least USD 270 000, you can become a resident of this jurisdiction. Last thing: there is no property tax in UAE.


There is huge potential in crypto-currencies, which are growing in popularity at a staggering rate.

Bitcoin, the best known type of digital currency has a specific type of exchange for the Middle East and North Africa and it is called BitOasis.

BitOasis provides crypto currency users with the opportunity to trade the four leading crypto currencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin. Depositing money into your trading account is very easy. You can deposit money to BitOasis through your bank account (BitOasis accepts deposits from most renowned UAE banks) or through your credit card.


This is another common form of investment in the UAE. Gold has maintained its worth in the market for hundreds of years. Even if the price is volatile in short periods of time, its value and profit on a long term basis has always been significant.

Mutual Funds and Bonds

Mutual funds are very attractive options for individuals wishing not to invest huge amounts of money. They have also proven to outperform almost every other asset class in the long term. Bonds on the other hand, can be a beneficial asset class because they often provide a steady income while being considered low risk. The downside is that they involve a larger financial outlay.

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