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Offshore Citizenship

About Offshore Citizenship

In our ever-changing world, creating an offshore lifestyle has become a priority for many individuals and families around the globe. Creating a passport portfolio is a crucial step to internationalizing your life, gaining personal and economic freedom. The global pandemic was an eye-opener for many and in times of political unrest, civil war, terrorism, or other delicate situations, individuals are now seeking an insurance policy for their family, not only by eliminating their dependency on a single government but by expanding their international reach and to avoid limitations on their personal freedom.

While some individuals can obtain second citizenship through descent, marriage, or even naturalization, others are not so lucky. However, with the establishment of citizenship by investment programs, individuals can now benefit from obtaining dual citizenship with a second passport in return for an investment in a participating country. While the investments are quite substantial, having a second passport is one of the highest returns an investor can obtain.

Citizenship by investment program is simply a program where a country offers citizenship along with a passport in return for an investment in their country. Investments can range from donations to help support infrastructure or outreach programs, government-approved tourism projects, or real estate investments. Each country will provide its own set of requirements for the investment portions to receive approval.

These programs offer successful applicants a second or alternative passport, which comes with an array of benefits.

Dual citizenship offers individuals an insurance policy for their family, not only by eliminating their dependency on a single government but by also giving them the freedom of choice of where to live, study, and work.

Diversification is essential, and that includes diversifying your investments in multiple jurisdictions. Holding dual or multiple citizenships opens doors to individuals offering more variety in real estate investments and other business opportunities.

The global pandemic was an eye-opener for many, and individuals are now seeking to expand their international reach and avoid limitations on their personal freedom.

While citizenship by investment programs does not come cheap, the benefits of obtaining a second passport outweigh the costs.

  • Investors can benefit from a wider range of investment opportunities and access jurisdictions with favorable corporate, financial, and legal services.
  • Businesspeople can increase their global mobility and gain access to countries and avoid costly and time-consuming visa applications
  • Global citizens can significantly reduce their tax liabilities by creating a multijurisdictional tax planning strategy
  • Families can benefit from more choices of where to live, study, and work
  • Retirees can better plan their retirement

Anyone, from all walks of life, is able to take advantage of the many benefits that came with setting up an offshore strategy.

Planting flags around the world is not only a smart choice but a necessity in today´s global economy. Creating an offshore strategy that includes corporations, trusts, banking, investments, real estate, and even citizenship and residency establishes an insurance policy for you and your family, aka a Plan B.

When you are looking to gain global and financial freedom, then it is time to create an offshore lifestyle strategy and obtain a second passport.

Many of the citizenship by investment programs can offer very similar benefits such as increasing global mobility, financial freedom and simply having more choices, but choosing the right country to proceed with will be dependent on your needs and goals. Applicants should take many factors into consideration when choosing which program to proceed with including:

  • Financial feasibility
  • Social and economic benefits
  • Political and economic stability of the country
  • Tax implications
  • Language and communication
  • Lifestyle goals

Individuals can obtain second citizenship in a number of different ways:

  1. Citizenship through descent
    • If a parent, grandparent, and even in some cases, a great grandparent was born in a country other than an individual’s home country, they may have the opportunity to apply for citizenship through descent, though laws will vary country by country.
  2. Citizenship through marriage
    • Some countries will allow individuals to apply for naturalization in their spouse´s home country, if different from their own home country, granted they meet certain requirements.
  3. Citizenship through naturalization
    • Many countries will allow long-term residents to apply for naturalization if certain criteria are met such as maintaining residency within the country for a set number of years.
  4. Citizenship through investment
    • Only a few countries offer citizenship by investment options, they typically offer simple and fast-track processes to obtain a passport by investing in their economy. While the investments are quite substantial, having an alternative passport is one of the highest returns an investor can obtain.


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Our advisors at Offshore Circle assist you in determining the best solution for you and your family. We will discuss the various citizenship options along with the process and investment options of each investment program. We partner with trusted developers offering the best real estate options for our clientele.


We are with you every step of the way from choosing the right citizenship program for your family to receiving the passport in hand. Offshore Circle evaluates your documents prior to submission to ensure a smooth process and then submits the completed application through a local authorized agent, as required by law.


Offshore Circle provides a wide range of offshore services to help our clients create their offshore lifestyle. In addition to providing citizenship and residency investment programs, we can assist other related services including setting up corporations, trusts and foundations as well as personal and corporate bank accounts.

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