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IBC vs LLC – Choose the right legal entity for your offshore company

Category: Blog | Company Formation | News

There are many taxes and operational benefits to setting up a company offshore, but it’s Read More

Portugal for Crypto Investors

Category: Blog | News
Country: Portugal

Cryptocurrency is tax-free in Portugal; this is just one of the many incentives Portugal is Read More

Top 5 destinations to flag your boat

Category: Blog | News

There’s more to owning a yacht than sailing. It’s essential that you register it within Read More

Second passport as the new American status symbol

Category: Blog | Citizenship | News

Status symbols have become indicators of wealth for many Americans. A bulging wallet or bank Read More

Top 5 FAQs about Offshore Banking

Category: Blog | News | Offshore Banking

Offshore banking has a bad rap lately, with many calling out a global ‘shadow economy’ Read More



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