5 May 2022

Ultimate Guide to St. Kitt’s CBI

‘Saint Kitts and Nevis’ is a name with almost mythical status in the world of CBI. Often simply referred to as Saint Kitts (or St Kitts), or SNK for short, this Caribbean dual-nation federation, made up of two tiny paradise islands, has it all – and offers it all as far as CBI goes.

St Kitts & Nevis is an independent British territory. Officially a Federal Parliamentary Democracy, St Kitts’ enjoys the protection of the UK, but is not beholden to it. The islands are just a short flight from the US, and they offer the oldest, one of the most historically sought-after, and arguably the best citizenship-by-investment program in the world.

About St Kitts CBI – Caribbean Citizenship Investment (CIP)

The St Kitts CBI is the CBI that started it all – in 1984. Today it is recognized as the ‘Platinum Standard’ in citizenship-by-investment, thanks to its reputation and the efficiency of its processes – inclusive of rigorous due diligence procedures.

SNK citizenship also offers the highest global mobility out of all the Caribbean CBI jurisdictions, and one of the best in the world.

Additionally, St Kitts offers the option of an idyllic lifestyle and citizenship offers an extra level of protection within an independent and discreet banking infrastructure – founded on local laws that promote complete privacy, and global financial freedom.

Advantages of the St Kitts CBI program

  • Citizenship is granted within 3 – 4 months, or in as little as 60 days with an Accelerated Application Process (at an additional fee).
  • Currently, no physical presence is required – at application, nor thereafter. You are not required to be a resident at any stage. However, this may change in the future due to EU, UK, and US pressures.
  • No in-person interviews or cultural or language tests are required, and there are no exclusions based on profession.
  • Investors proceeding with the real estate option can sell their investment after 5 – 7 years without affecting their citizenship status. Saint Kitts has one of the fastest growing economies (some say the fastest) in the Caribbean.
  • Citizenship is transferable to descendants.
  • Dual citizenship is allowed and kept confidential.
  • All aspects of the St Kitts CBI application, process, and granting of citizenship are kept completely confidential. The same rules of confidentiality are applicable to offshore banking and the setup of trusts and companies.
  • Thorough due diligence processes. St Kitts CBI is known for rigorous due diligence on the main applicant, each additional applicant over the age of 16, and any financial sponsors.
  • The SNK Escrow Bill, with a payout schedule to ensure completion of investment projects: Recently introduced, this Bill is aimed at protecting investors and the St Kitts government. It has been drafted to safeguard the future ROI for investors. It is the first such CBI-related initiative among the five Caribbean CBI nations.
  • St Kitts has a record of modifying its CBI program to serve the best interests of its clients and meet the islands’ needs or whatever challenges the islands face, such as hurricane damage. This has resulted in frequent additions to, or amendments of, CBI investment options. Examples include an investment in a Hurricane Fund now changed to a social development fund, and proposals to extend investment options further in the near future to include special projects – both private and government-owned. This adaptability shows commitment to the CBI product, and it may well help the St Kitts CBI whether global geopolitical and other upheavals better than most CBI jurisdictions – for the benefit of both future and existing citizens and business investors.

Further Key Benefits of St Kitts Citizenship

Superior Global Mobility: One of the strongest passports in the world, and the strongest in the Caribbean, the SNK passport currently gives you visa-free travel to 156 countries. These currently include the EU Member States, the UK, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Russia is also accessible, but this is a dynamic situation and may change.

Tax-free and Investor-friendly Banking: Renowned offshore banking facilities and regulations are aimed at attracting business and personal investment.

St Kitts offers a tax-friendly environment with zero taxes on global income, estate capital, and no inheritance taxes.

Financial Privacy: Importantly, St Kitts does not maintain tax treaties with any other countries to ensure a continuance of the confidentiality it is famous for. This also makes St Kitts Citizenship an ideal ‘Plan B’ for Americans wanting to give up US citizenship for tax purposes.

Crypto-trader friendly: Although cryptocurrency is not accepted for investment, Crypto Wallets are considered part of investors’ financial portfolios.

The right to live in Saint Kitts or Nevis: The sovereign federation of two islands that make up Saint Kitts & Nevis has a distinctly different character compared to other Caribbean islands. The many historical sites, old sugar plantation estates, and ruins dotting Saint Kitts are testaments to the role the islands played as the first British and French Colonial outposts in the West Indies.
Today the islands are prized for their pristine beaches and turquoise waters, lush mountainous interiors, and laid-back island lifestyle. It’s also the only Caribbean nation that can boast ultra-luxury resorts and hotels from all five of the world’s top hotel groups.

The independent British territory is sparsely populated, with just over 50 000 people resident in a combined area of only 101 sq. miles. With bustling markets and boutique shops in the capital of Basseterre catering to cruise ship passengers, Saint Kitts is considered the commercial center of the two islands. Situated 3km to the southeast, Nevis is smaller, primarily residential, and known as ‘the quiet island’. Both islands offer a range of properties to purchase through the new CBI residential property investment option, or otherwise – from apartments to colonial-style coastal villas.

Further benefits of residency in St Kitts

  • Proximity to the US with easy access
  • Excellent primary health care
  • Excellent infrastructure with business, digital nomad, and crypto-trading promoting technology
  • Political stability
  • A fast growing economy with good infrastructure
  • Low crime rate
  • A range of coastal properties in idyllic surroundings

CBI Investment Options for Saint Kitts & Nevis

The St Kitts CBI (or CIP) program has undergone several amendments over the years, and the following includes the latest changes for 2021/2022 and going forward – as announced by Les Khan – CEO of Saint Kitts & Nevis CIP Program.

Minimum Investments for St Kitts & Nevis citizenship:

  1. Donations to a Sustainable Growth Fund which are non-refundable and start at USD 150 000 for a single applicant.
  2. Real Estate Investments
    • Minimum investment of $200 000 in an approved real estate project where investors must hold the investment for at least 7 years
    • Minimum investment of $400 000 in an approved real estate project where investors must hold the investment for at least 5 years
    • Minimum investment of $400 000 in residential or commercial real estate where investors must hold the investment for at least 5 years

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    Property application fees apply per applicant.

  3. Alternative Investment Option where investors can invest in Special Projects in St Kitts and Nevis. The legislation was passed in 2021 to introduce an investment option for privately and publically funded projects that meet the SNK government mandate for socio-economic development benefits.
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