19 May 2022

Ultimate Guide to St Lucia CBI

Currently ranked No 3 in the world. For CBI, Saint Lucia (or ‘St Lucia’) offers the most cost-effective CBI program among the Caribbean nations dominating the CBI rankings.Thanks to the island nation’s facilities for offshore banking and its status as an independent British Overseas Territory, St Lucia has long been considered a ‘tax haven’ under British Jurisdiction. However, it is equally considered one of the best CIP programs in the Caribbean. This is thanks not only to the lowest overall CBI costs but also to the offering of a lifestyle that is second-to-none, in one of the more affordable islands.

Citizenship is currently even more accessible thanks to a limited-time offer covid-19 Bond Investment discount. This offer is geared toward family applications but is set to expire at the end of 2022. So, go get Caribbean citizenship for you and your family while you can!

About Saint Lucia’s citizenship-by-investment Program

St Lucia’s citizenship-by-investment Program (Saint Lucia CIP) is relatively young for the Caribbean, having been instituted in 2015. However, it is already ranked as one of the top 5 CBI programs in the world. This is thanks to efficient, easy, and quick CBI processes, a high level of due diligence, and the many ease-of-application benefits Saint Lucia’s CBI shares with the other top-ranked Caribbean CBI jurisdictions.

However, its Government Bond investment discount has made Saint Lucia stand out lately, and what helped it achieve its No. 3 ranking for CBI in 2022.

The 2022 Bond Investment Discount for St Lucia CBI

Although the St Lucia CBI program is already cost-effective, compared to other Caribbean CBI programs, in 2022 you can take advantage of an unbeatable CBI offer.

An investment of USD 250 000 in Covid-19 Relief Government Bonds is now available. This amounts to a 50% discount off the normal minimum investment amount of USD 500 000 in Government Bonds for Saint Lucia CBI.

The amount remains static for single applicants, married couples, and up to a family of four. Each additional family member above 4 members will be subject to an additional investment of USD 15 000 each. Associated costs are also structured to support the family application discount, with extra fees reduced to their minimum. Investment in Government Bonds is 100% risk-free. You may not earn interest on the investment, but you are guaranteed to get back the amount you invested.

This makes the ST Lucia CBI program an affordable and attractive citizenship-by-investment program for families – in the Caribbean and in the world.

This option was adopted to make the program more attractive for investors by catering to current needs. However it also takes the pressure off the Real Estate investment option resources; these have historically been limited, with only a couple of Resort projects available in Saint Lucia. (It is also still not possible to obtain citizenship through the purchase of private property in St Lucia.)

Benefits of the St Lucia CBI program

  • Quick process.
  • Remote application. You do not need to go to St Lucia at any point in the application process, nor to receive citizenship.
  • No residency requirements to obtain or maintain citizenship.
  • No language proficiency or cultural tests.
  • Family inclusion. Family applications can include dependant children under the age of 30, dependant siblings of the main applicant and the applicant’s spouse, under the age of 18, and dependant parents of the main applicant and the applicant’s spouse over 55 years of age.
  • All nationalities may apply with the exception of Iranian nationals, and in 2022, Russian and Belarusian nationals. (This is due to both US and UK sanctions and the close diplomatic relationships between Saint Lucia and the UK and the United States.)
  • No restrictions on dual nationality and full confidentiality during the application process and once citizenship is granted.

Benefits of St Lucia Citizenship

  • Citizenship of St Lucia offers visa-free (or visa at the border) travel to 146 countries worldwide. These include the UK, EU / Schengen Member States, Hong Kong, and Singapore.
  • Access to the US is available with a 10-year B1/B2 Visa. This allows citizens of Saint Lucia to spend up to 6 months per year in the United States – for tourism, business, or medical reasons.
  • Saint Lucia (along with the other top Caribbean CBI nations) is a member of CARICOM – a member organization promoting free trade and unity in the Caribbean region. This allows citizens of Saint Lucia to travel, reside and do business freely within the CARICOM member countries (See https://Caricom.org).
  • Tax-friendly jurisdiction: No Tax on global income. No inheritance tax and no capital gains tax. Non-resident citizens may also maintain tax-free corporate bank accounts in Saint Lucia.

Should you decide to live in Saint Lucia

In most respects (i.e. glittering sandy beaches lined with palm trees, and crystalline blue waters) St Lucia is your stereotypical Caribbean island. It’s also a stereotypical volcanic island, complete with hot springs, mineral mud baths, and lush tropical forests. However, St Lucia stands apart for its extraordinary topography. The island’s beautiful twin volcanic cones, ‘The Pitons’, are a geological wonder and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. So iconic are the volcanoes that the main town of Soufriere is named after the Piton’s Sulphur Springs Crater.

Saint Lucia is also culturally distinct among the Caribbean CBI nations. Its colonial history is as much French as it is English. The official language is English, however, French patois is as widely spoken as is English, and is the home language for much of the population. This has also given Saint Lucia a Creole flavor that perfectly compliments a soporific island life.

Like similar islands in the Caribbean, St Lucia offers a laid-back but active lifestyle that is ideal for nature-lovers and those who love adventure and marine activities and sports – before evening cocktails in sandals.

Other benefits of living in Saint Lucia include:

  • Mild tropical weather for most of the year.
  • A low cost of living.
  • Famously friendly locals and equally famous Creole Cuisine.
  • A variety of properties for rental and purchase – ranging from beach-house luxury to high-end ultra-luxury compete with the lifestyle of nearby celebrity-soaked Martinique.

Investment Options for ST Lucia CBI

There are four investment options available. To obtain citizenship of St Lucia, you can opt for one of the following:

  • A non-refundable Donation starting at USD 100,000 to the Saint Lucia National Economic Fund.
  • A Real Estate Investment in an approved real estate project with a minimum of USD 300,000.
  • Investment in Government Bond from a minimum of USD 250,000* until December 31st, or $500 000 thereafter.
  • Investment in a local business enterprise – minimum $3,500,000.

If you wish to take advantage of Saint Lucia’s Government Bond investment discount, you have until the 31st of December to start the application process. It’s a chance not to be missed – especially if you are planning on family citizenship or family relocation to Saint Lucia or any of the other CARICOM member nations.

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